My ImageThere are no "quick" fixes. It takes understanding, patience, a love for yourself and the realization that quick fad diets DO NOT WORK. They might work temporarily, which sets you up big time for disappointment and discouragement when the weight goes up again.

My memories go back to the time when I was raising my three children. I recall always battling the extra pounds that I put on after having a baby. I would run to the gym and workout hard, trying quickly to lose my unwanted pounds, only to injure myself time and time again.

I began to visit my local library and read books on anatomy, as well as proper form when exercising. I incorporated these studies into my workout, along with nutrition, and I educated myself about healthier eating choices. This is when I saw results!

I began helping friends and family members follow the same routines that had worked for me.That's when I realized how much I truly enjoyed helping others with their fitness and nutrition needs. I decided to get certified as a personal fitness trainer.

I have been a Professional Personal Trainer for twelve years now, and have expanded my knowledge, hands-on experience and expertise. In these past twelve years, I have worked with many clients, helping them to stay motivated and achieve their personal fitness goals. I regularly take classes in various aspects of fitness training to keep my knowledge current.

My work is rewarding for me, and I am extremely passionate about what I do. My main desire is to always bring the very best service and expertise to my clients.
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